Next Level Launch Blueprint
How to increase Product launch sales using the channels you already have
without increasing your Facebook ad spend.

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In The PDF We Cover How To:
Identify your best channels
Know which channels you can rely on to drive sales when it matters most. Leverage your Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 channels for the highest return.
Pick the right time to launch
There are days of the week and times of day that customers are more likely to spend more money.  Make sure you're launching at the right time.
Build excitement Before Launch
The more excited a customer is the more likely they are to buy. Give customers enough time to know what's coming.
Client testimonial
It was amazing to watch the multitude of traffic bumps throughout the day because of all the channel diversification they utilized. What was even more amazing, they were an awesome team to work with. "
-Vinny, Christian Planner
Client testimonial
"  A huge thank you to the Messenger Mastermind team for helping D'iyanu have our biggest launch day Ever!!! Thanks to Jeremy Horowitz, Mark Arruda, and Ben Vandal, we were able to achieve 33% higher revenue than our last record launch. These guys are masterminds at product launches! I highly recommend working with them if you're looking to blow your next product launch out of the water! "
-Addie, D'IYANU
Who Are The Authors?
Mark Arruda (eCommerce Owner): Built his current eCommerce business, CVG, from $0 to 8-Figures in Total Sales.
Ben Vandal (Head of Marketing): Spent $2.5m+ in Paid Media profitably scaling eCommerce businesses to 8-Figures in Total Sales.
Jeremy Horowitz (eCommerce Manager): Scaled eCommerce businesses, LuMee and Knomo Bags, to 7-8 Figures in Total Sales.

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