5 Game Changing Marketing Lessons Scaling 8-Figures Messenger Mastermind
How to grow your eCommerce business faster
with the resources you already have.

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How to Triple Your Current Selling Opportunity.
Focusing on the customers that aren’t ready to buy today will determine the long-term growth of your business.
The Importance of Treating Your Customers Like Your Friends.
If your customers believe you have their best interest at heart they will be excited for you to sell them anything.
Why Diversifying Your Marketing Channels is Essential for Sustainable Growth.
Moving from one successful channel to many, is the difference between selling a product and running a business.
Why Being Early in a New Channel is Better than Having The Perfect Gameplan.
In Marketing, profits go to those who are early, not those with the perfect game plan.
How Building Lists, Builds Your Business’s Value, and Valuation.
Think like an investor and build assets (your lists) for your business.


Growth doesn't always have to come at the expense of profits. Start to think about building a business that fuels it's own growth.
Client testimonial
It was amazing to watch the multitude of traffic bumps throughout the day because of all the channel diversification they utilized. What was even more amazing, they were an awesome team to work with. "
-Vinny, Christian Planner
Who Are The Authors?
Mark Arruda (eCommerce Owner): Built his current eCommerce business, CVG, from $0 to 8-Figures in Total Sales.
Ben Vandal (Head of Marketing): Spent $2.5m+ in Paid Media profitably scaling eCommerce businesses to 8-Figures in Total Sales.
Jeremy Horowitz (eCommerce Manager): Scaled eCommerce businesses, LuMee and Knomo Bags, to 7-8 Figures in Total Sales.

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